Dover Literacy Tuition aims to help students to reach their maximum potential in spelling and reading, giving them the confidence to attain their own goals.

I am a qualified and experienced literacy tutor providing one to one personalised study programmes to primary and secondary school students, equipping them with valuable reading, spelling and handwriting skills for life.

I cater for any starting ability and a variety of needs. The learning takes place in the student’s home and at their own pace. Studying in their home environment will ensure that they are relaxed and therefore more receptive to information and learning.

The tuition that I deliver is based around the nationally recognised Sounds Write scheme (more information on the Sounds Write scheme can be found here) but delivered at an age-appropriate level. The scheme breaks down the English language into manageable and understandable blocks and can be used as a foundation to improve reading and spelling skills.

If you are interested in literacy tuition then contact Dover Literacy Tuition today.