All tuition undertaken by Dover Literacy Tuition will begin with an initial assessment of needs and a discussion, which will include the student, about concerns.

Each student then receives a personalised learning programme tailored to their needs. This plan can be altered at any time to suit changing circumstances and needs. Sessions will last 30 minutes and conducted on a one to one basis. I will explain to parents what work has been covered at the end of each session

I have a vast array of resources to suit all abilities, so nothing will be either too easy or too hard. All worksheets help to put into practice what has been learned during the session and can also be used as materials for extra practice between sessions. All students will be encouraged to read a book or magazine of interest for 10-15 minutes per day and parents or guardians are asked to encourage this practice.

Students with dyslexic tendencies or those who have been declared dyslexic are well catered for with appropriate, personalised learning programmes and they are equipped with general everyday life skills strategies to will help them with literacy beyond their schooling.

Students are re-assessed periodically to ensure that they are maintaining their learning and parents and guardians are updated with results.  I am always available to discuss any concerns that might arise.