How much will each session cost?

Each session lasts 30 minutes and will cost £15 which is payable on the day or in advance.

What is a parent asked to provide?

In order to maximise learning I ask that you provide a quiet space for these session. If a student requires specialised resources (e.g. coloured laminates for reading) a small charge will be made, however the student will then keep the laminate for his or her own use.

Is an Initial Assessment always undertaken?

Yes, this is very important in order to accurately assess the student’s needs and formulate a personalised learning programme

Is homework given?

I am acutely aware that many students may have homework from school, however, I strongly encourage every student to read for at least 10-15 minutes every day to someone and I will sometimes leave a worksheet for completion which is relevant to their current learning.

If requested, I will leave further extension work for completion between sessions.

How is progress monitored?

Students will be re-assessed periodically throughout the year to ensure that their current learning level is maintained. Parents will be updated on progress. I am always happy to discuss any concerns that may be raised.

If you have any further questions regarding Dover Literacy Tuition and its services then please get in touch.